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Elections to Clergy-laity Assembly 2007

Vicariate Assembly Election 2007


The Clergy-Laity Assembly is a body of the clergy and elected laity of the Vicariate which will come together twice a year, in the late autumn and June, to discuss the life and work of the Vicariate and its ecumenical activities, approve its budget, elect members to the Vicariate Council and various other bodies, and generally further the life of the Vicariate. The meetings last all day (on a Saturday) and will be a mixture of spiritual, pastoral and business concerns, with a major discussion topic introduced by a speaker.

Lay/deacon membership of the Assembly includes fifteen members elected by the Vicariate as a whole in an annual election held in the autumn, and also parish representatives elected or chosen by each parish/eucharistic community. This notice is concerned here with the former.


There will at present be fifteen members representing the Vicariate as a whole serving on the Assembly. Since this year will be its inaugural meeting, all fifteen members need to be elected at once. As well as completely new candidates, everyone who was a serving member of the old Diocese of Sourozh Assembly and who is now on the electoral roll of a Vicariate parish or community is eligible to stand, and will be encouraged to do so. They should note that their membership of the old Sourozh Assembly will not be automatically carried forward to the Vicariate's Assembly.  Normally, five members would be elected each year for a three-year term, but since we have to elect fifteen this year, the five who poll the most votes will serve for three years, the next five for two years and the third five for one year, in order to get the rotation going.  It is foreseen that as the Vicariate grows in future years, the number of lay places will be increased.   


NOMINATIONS for this year’s election, together with a short biographical note of the candidates, need to be received by the Acting Vicariate Secretary, Gillian Crow, 6 Maiden Place, London, NW5 1HZ (Tel. 020 7272 9898; email gillian@crow.co.uk) NOT LATER than Sunday 30th September, which is the closing date. Nominations are now welcome.  

Please consider carefully people you think would make suitable candidates - whether someone from your own parish or from the Vicariate at large. Nominations must be signed by the proposer and seconder and contain an assurance that the nominee is willing to serve. The proposer and seconder, together with the candidate, are invited to prepare at their discretion accompanying biographical details of not more than 100 words which will be distributed to parishes for the information of voters.

It has always been the unwritten rule that clergy do not propose or second candidates.


In order to vote it is necessary to be on the Vicariate's Electoral Roll which will be compiled on 1st October from lists provided by parishes and eucharistic communitites.  Some will be making up completely new lists this year, so please check whether you need to enrol, or enrol afresh. For the purposes of enrolling you must fulfill the following conditions:

 be aged eighteen or over
 have received Communion in the Vicariate within the past twelve months
 have been resident in the area covered by the Vicariate for at least six months
 intend to remain a member of the Vicariate for at least a further year.

People intending to enrol should approach their parish secretaries without delay.


On the ballot papers mark X against the name of each candidate for whom you wish to vote.  You may vote thus for up to 15 candidates.  Of course, you may vote for fewer than 15, BUT IF YOU VOTE FOR MORE THAN 15 YOUR BALLOT PAPER WILL BE CONSIDERED SPOILED, AND WILL BE DISCOUNTED.  

Please note that no person may hold more than one proxy which should be in the form of a letter to the supervisors of the voting.


Gillian Crow – Acting Vicariate Secretary