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Visit of the nuns from Minsk

We have had the privilege of a visit from the nuns in Minsk on several occasions over the last few years. They will be visiting our Antiochian friends in the Lincoln parish on the 18th November 2007. As Father George from Lincoln says,

Mother Maria from St Elizabeth's Orthodox Monastery, Minsk, plans to attend our Liturgy at St Matthias, Burton Road, Lincoln, on Sunday 18th November at 10am.

Sister Tatiana, Sister Darya and their driver George will also attend.

After Liturgy the nuns will open their TRAVELLING SHOP in the Church  Hall. 12 noon to 2pm.

They will offer items made at the Monastery and sell them for monastery funds.

Goods on sale include ceramics of all kinds, linens, beautiful icons, prayer books, vestments, decorative items suitable for Christmas gifts, headscarves, brass ware, metal ware, carved items.
And much, much more.  In short everything for the Orthodox church, home and individual believer.



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March 2007

We have a fortnightly Bible study  and also a study group on topics of interest. We recently looked at the ideas of Nicholas Cabasilas on the Incarnation.  
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